silver metal tiny pineapples
tiny bronze pineapple on a finger
tiny metal pineapple next to a dime

Tiny metal Pineapple Blanks, Mini Pineapples

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These tiny metal pineapples are really cute! Perfect for soldering onto ring bands or stackable rings. Add a post to create a simple earring or stud for piercings. These can also be soldered onto layered pendants, bolo ties, cuff bracelets, or any diy metal project. They can also be used as part of a collage, or inside mini glass vial pendants.

Type of Metal - Copper, Brass, Bronze, Fine Silver or Sterling Silver,
Grade of Metal - First Grade,
Gauge of Metal - 24 Gauge,
Measurement - 9.9mm x 4.5mm,
Quantity - 5 Pineapples