Brass Adjustable Ring with Pad for Gluing - Handmade Handmade Ring Blanks, DIY Ring

  • $15.00

These rings are made by us! These are really high quality Adjustable 100% Brass Rings with a Pad for Gluing! I have average hands, these fit my pinkie, up to my index finger. They do best in the middle. I have formed the adjustable shank, soldered on the Pad, and given these a good polish. These are handmade so expect a tad of variation. These are not Cheap ones that are usually available. The metal is pure brass, and expect these to feel substantial. I think this is a very unique product. I have about 30 of these available right now, and if you need more I can always make more of them (with some lead time). We also show what a ring would look like with a cabochon glued on (a different style of ring, also available here) The pad measures 12mm across

Quantity: 3 Rings

Materials: Brass.

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